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Air Conditioner Repair and Air Conditioner Installation in Kamloops

If you are a resident of Kamloops, you know the importance of heating or cooling equipment in a home or business. People are exposed to extreme climate conditions both during summer and winters here. Make your home and workplace more comfortable by getting certified technicians' heating, ventilation and air conditioner installation services in Kamloops.


TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. is a trusted air conditioner repair company that offers quality residential and commercial AC systems services. With many years of experience and technical expertise, our technicians have a thorough knowledge of HVAC equipment. We are confident that any model of air conditioner you use will be able to undertake proper maintenance activity. Call us today to get air conditioner maintenance in Kamloops.

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Air Conditioning

Residential  Services

During those hot summer days, you want to ensure you have a quality Carrier® or Continental® air conditioning system from Tri-Rom Industries Ltd. for your residential property.


TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. is an authorized Carrier® and Continental® dealer of air conditioning in Kamloops and surrounding areas. We also provide a spring and fall heating and cooling preventive maintenance program.


Commercial Services


Our family-owned business appreciates the importance of preventative maintenance for the air conditioner you have installed for commercial purposes. Whether you prefer ductless or central air conditioning or heat pumps, or HVAC units, TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. will keep your clients cool with the latest models in cooling technology. We offer installation, repair and maintenance services for your commercial air conditioning systems.

We also take pride in providing restaurant equipment repair services in Kamloops. We know that you cannot shut down the business for a long time due to broken equipment. Rely on our quick and efficient services to help you resume your work at the earliest.


Common Air Conditioner Issues

We can handle all kinds of air conditioner repairs in Kamloops. Some common issues we help clients with include:

  • Refrigerant leakages
  • Electric control failure
  • Drainage issues
  • Poor maintenance
  • Sensor problems
  • Improper wiring
  • Clogged filters
  • Frozen coil
  • External fan failure


If you notice anything amiss with your unit, please contact us for air conditioner repair. We can also provide you with air conditioner installation in Kamloops, should your old one require a replacement. Apart from that, you can also turn to us for furnace servicing. We invite you to learn more about preventing damage to your air conditioning system.

Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Important?

Like any other machine, your air conditioner is subjected to normal wear and tear over time. It reduces the efficiency of your machine and does not allow it to cool as much as it typically can. The good news is that you can prevent this situation by scheduling a maintenance service for your air conditioner unit.

Maintenance typically includes a thorough inspection of all the parts that make up your air conditioner. During this process, our technician will offer a repair or replacement if any part is found to be faulty.


Some benefits include:

  • Improved air quality: Maintenance removed blockages caused by the accumulation of dust and dirt. This means less dust and dirt will be circulating when your AC runs, resulting in improved air quality.
  • Reduced accidents and breakdowns: By catching faults during the inspection and repairing them, you reduce the chances of sudden breakdowns. Additionally, detecting faults at an early stage reduces the chances of overloading the system.


Why Choose Us for Air Conditioner Repair and Installation in Kamloops?

When it comes to your commercial or residential air conditioning unit, you should only turn to someone you can trust. At TRI-ROM Industries Ltd., we seek to provide our clients with high-quality air conditioner repair, installation and other services to ensure it is at peak performance at all times. There are many reasons to choose our services, such as:

  • We have years of experience in the industry.
  • We can service commercial and residential clients.
  • We can meet all of your air conditioner requirements- repairs, installation and maintenance.
  • We offer emergency services.
  • We are transparent about our rates.
  • We adhere to high standards of quality.
  • We provide excellent customer service.


Contact Us for Air Conditioner Repair and Installation in Kamloops

To take the first step toward getting your new Carrier® or Continental® air conditioning system in Kamloops and the surrounding area, give TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. a call and schedule your on-site consultation. We will be happy to offer you an estimate for your home, or commercial business in the Kamloops area.

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation in Kamloops

You can depend on our professionals for complete commercial and residential air conditioning solutions.

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