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Certified Gas Fitting in Kamloops

When it comes to your commercial gas fitting requirements, you should only turn to a name you can trust. Here at TRI-ROM Industries Ltd., our team of professional contractors offer certified and trusted services for gas fitting in Kamloops.


By working with us, you can be confident that your gas line is in the hands of the experts. We are familiar with the best practices to ensure safe and efficient gas lines. What's more, we'll ensure your commercial building is up to code. Issues with air conditioning and heating can cause costly disruptions for your business. Don’t lose customers; call Tri-Rom Industries Ltd. for fast and efficient service. Apart from our gas fitting in Kamloops, we also offer various residential services.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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What Does Gas Fitting Involve?

Gas fitters are responsible for ensuring your natural gas lines work safely and effectively without disrupting your daily operations. Here at TRI-ROM Industries Ltd., we offer various services, including gas line repair, gas appliance installation, HVAC equipment's gas requirements, preventative maintenance of gas lines, and more.

Some of the many instances when a gas fitter can help you include:

  • You're switching to gas as an energy source.

  • Your gas-powered water heater broke down.

  • Your new kitchen requires a gas line installation.

  • Your gas-powered cooking appliances aren't working.

  • You require a gas line for your new garage heater.

Commercial HVAC unit

If you wish to learn more about our gas fitting services in Kamloops, please contact us today. Stay updated with the latest trends by browsing our blog.


Our Gas Fitting Services

Regardless of the project size, our team at TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. has the experience to install or repair your commercial and residential gas appliances quickly and efficiently. Some of our gas fitting services include:

  • Appliance conversion

  • Gas pipes

  • Broken gas pipe replacement

  • Installation of gas stoves, ovens and dryer line

  • Dryers

  • Gas fitting for tankless and tank water heaters

  • Gas fitting for furnaces


Why Choose Us for Gas Fitting in Kamloops?

Handling gas requires training, expertise and the utmost caution. This is why professional gas fitting companies like us have strict safety protocols to provide effective gas fitting solutions without risking your safety. Our team can come up with effective solutions to ensure your gas lines meet your needs adequately. Some of the many reasons to choose us include:

  • We have years of experience in the industry

  • We offer all kinds of gas fitting services in Kamloops.

  • We adhere to the highest standards of safety.

  • We offer personalized solutions.

  • We provide hassle-free services.

If you are looking for reliable gas fitting contractor in Kamloops, we invite you to talk to us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Don’t Lose Your Product!


We’ll arrive at your business without delay to diminish product spoilage and customer inconvenience. With our 20 years of experience and quality parts, you can count on many more years of faithful service out of your unit.


Certified Gas Fitters in Kamloops

We’re certified gas fitters and are capable of fixing an array of natural gas problems. Try our preventive maintenance service program and see how much longer your unit performs efficiently and cost-effectively. Call today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Handle My Gas Fitting Myself?

Handling gas lines is a dangerous task that requires training, experience and suitable tools. We recommend always contacting professionals who know the protocols necessary to ensure there are no accidents.


Do I Have To Install a New Gas Line, or Can I Extend My Existing One?

We can't tell whether you should install a new gas line or work with your existing one before we know the details of your requirements and the scope of your project. Please reach out to us to discuss your needs with our team.


I Smell a Gas Leak. What Do I Do?

If your gas appliance is in poor condition, or if you haven't serviced your gas lines, a leak is possible. If you smell a leak, we recommend evacuating as soon as possible, calling a professional gas fitter immediately, and avoiding contact with switches and electrical appliances.


Gas Fitting in Kamloops

You can rely on our trained team to meet your gas fitting requirements in Kamloops.

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