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Looking for Furnace Installation in Kamloops?

Get in touch with the skilled and experienced professionals at TRI-ROM Industries Ltd.!

Furnace Installation Service in Kamloops

If you are looking for furnace installations in Kamloops, look no further than TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. Our team understands that the furnace is the heart of your home; it helps you keep your family and home warm and comfortable all year long. We offer high-quality and reliable furnace installations. You can choose from our multiple furnace models that are quiet, energy-efficient, and affordable. Please see FortisBC’s website to learn more about the current rebates offered. If you are looking for furnace installation services in Kamloops, reach out to us today.  


Helping You Choose the Right Furnace

We offer a variety of furnaces, such as single-stage furnaces and two-stage models. A single-stage furnace offers you basic comfort with airflow on or off options. A two-stage model offers you better control with heating options. We also offer modulating furnaces which are designed to offer precise temperature control and quality comfort features. 
If you are unsure as to which furnace to choose, you can count on our team. We are the authorized dealers of Carrier and Continental equipment and are known for offering reliable services at all times. 


Signs You Need a New Furnace

Apart from furnace installation in Kamloops, TRI-ROM Industries Ltd. also offers furnace repair services. Our team will thoroughly check your motors, fans, flame rectification systems, and sensors to understand the issue and offer comprehensive repair services. If you have noticed any of the issues below, please reach out to us: 

  • Dirty filters
  • A lack of airflow from the blower
  • Pilot light ignition problems
  • Faulty thermostats
  • Abnormal sounds

Browse our blog for more information. If you have any questions, reach out to us;  we’ll be happy to help you . 


Furnace Maintenance

At TRI-ROM Industries Ltd., we provide furnace installation and maintenance services in Kamloops . Our team will provide your furnace with the attention it needs to last for years. We offer a range of maintenance plans to fit all needs and budgets.  

The advantages of maintaining a furnace regularly: 

  • Minimized energy consumption 
    Your furnace could have a significant impact on your energy bill. A properly maintained furnace will work more efficiently and consume less energy, reducing your monthly utility bill. 
  • Reduced expenses 
    We all know that regular furnace maintenance keeps the heating system functioning at its best, increasing its lifespan. This reduces the chance of breakdowns and constant repairs, ultimately preventing unnecessary expenses. 
  • Warmer winters 
    Well-maintained furnaces perform optimally, providing you with a cozy and comfortable experience, regardless of how cold it gets. 

Professionals always clean the furnace and ensure that it operates optimally and meets safety standards. This is why it is always a good choice to hire professionals for furnace maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about the preventive maintenance program. 

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